Named after the Greek Goddess of calm seas, “Galene”.

Although calm seas don’t make skilled sailors, all will welcome the comfort and safety of a calm port.

All our clients subscribe the importance of an experienced, cost effective and reliable partner in Shipping and Logistics.

Full service professionals in the maritime industry

Our team of diverse qualified experts with backgrounds in various specialisations in cargo handling, ship’s conversion, trading, logistics, offshore and renewable energy is providing costs and time effective services.

Your project requires a tailor-made approach, thorough preparations and careful handling. You need a partner that is able to anticipate and act to unexpected changes during the process. A partner in control on your behalf.

Port agency, Liner services, shipping and forwarding, chartering, project management.

Reliable, independent, on the spot, in control!

News / Events

  • Rhine-transport-of-Cable-transport-barge

Rhine transport of Cable transport barge

november 2nd, 2014|0 Comments

Galene Agencies arranged the transport from Rotterdam to Cologne of barge “SB 8422” equipped with a 3500 tons turntable basket. [...]

  • Conversion-of-pushboat

Conversion of pushboat

oktober 15th, 2014|0 Comments

Galene Agencies has succesfully finalised the conversion of Pushboat “Marshal”. In order to navigate on the Rhine pushing big ocean-going [...]